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Features & Specs




  1. Our building is Manufactured Exclusively in the USA. Our main source is the domestic market, so our quality is the highest and our prices are the most competitive, as we are here to stay. We employ American labor to keep our American men and women working.

  2. We lease our trucks from independent truck drivers who work exclusively for our factory so the loads are delivered from our plant to your job site. These drivers are conscientious and courteous, keeping their loads tarped and racked and driving carefully. All of this insures prompt and safe delivery of your building.

  3. Our steel is the highest quality: 50,000 yield, AZ-55 Galvalume® coated steel. This coating has 5-7 times the resistance to corrosion as regular galvanized steel. GALVALUME® is the trade name for a sheet steel product having a highly corrosion resistant coating of a nominally 55% aluminum, 43% zinc alloy. The coating is applied using a continuous hot-dip coating process. The metallic coating on Galvalume® sheet steel combines the galvanic corrosion protection of zinc with the passivating barrier protection of aluminum into an economical long-lasting sheet steel product.

  4. Our building has tremendous structural strength. When one arch overlaps the next arch, our lip is square so that the bends of the lip add tremendous strength in the arch when placed over the square lip of the adjoining arch. Our arch panel has a 7-inch depth giving it maximum strength. Our cross-corrugations are quite small which not only gives greater rigidity, but also still maintains the maximum strength of our panel, making it the strongest arch manufactured today.

  5. Our buildings are designed to last a lifetime.

  6. Our buildings have no frames. Since it is composed of 2'x10'panels which are bolted together to form a loop, the interior is clear span. This means complete use of space, not only at the sides of the building, but at the top of the building as the panels forms the roof and sides of the building with no inside supports. They require no heavy equipment or cranes for erection and are simply bolted together; therefore, skilled labor is not required, thus labor costs are low. Since erection is simple, it can be constructed by end-users.

  7. We use JS1000 plated, 5/16" hex-head bolt fasteners; one size bolt fits the entire building. Our bolts have 8-9 times more coating than a regular bolt, which protects the bolt from rusting. We use a Low Density Polyethylene Washer which cannot deteriorate and therefore causes no leaks. The bolt is made with a recessed head so that the washer nestles inside the groove, further preventing any leaks.

  8. The foundation for our building consists of only a small perimeter which is only 16" deep and 22'' wide making the concrete simple and affordable to do. Our building has no heavy weight to resist the frost; therefore, you do not need to go down 3-4 feet with a footer. Certified engineered drawings are available for your state.

  9. We have both sliding and overhead steel doors available for our buildings. Our doors are designed so that when closed, it is sealed at the sides, top, and bottom. This prohibits rain, snow, and wind from coming into your building.  The doors are designed to protect against birds and rodents and comes with all the hardware.

  10. Our building can easily be insulated. We have designed an insulation fastener, which can be screwed onto the bolt in the building. The fastener has a sharp edge at the top so that it penetrates fiberglass bats, which are placed over it. A plastic cap is then screwed on top of the fastener. This process makes insulation economical and simple to apply. Spray-on insulation can easily be applied to our building as well.

  11. Our building has a 25-year 6 Month Limited Warranty against rust perforation, backed by the steel mill. Our pre-engineered building package is free of any defects.